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ようこそ!(Yoh-koso: welcome)

Welcome to our website for the Japanese Language and Culture program at George Washington High School in San Francisco. As a parent, you can find out how we learn Japanese in this class. As a student, you can find lots of resources to enjoy Japanese. You can also find more information about Morikawa-sensei, class events & summer trips, etc. Arigato!

Nervous about learning a new language?

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Don’t be! Daijo-bu (don’t worry)!! Trying something new is always challenging for everyone. Actually, making mistakes helps you let go of fear. Making mistakes shows that you are trying. Mistakes show what’s right in your own words. Mistakes help you grow. Mistakes help you discover truly something fun for you. Learning Japanese language and cultures with us will bring you lots of new discoveries for your future!

Studio 310?

We would like to call our classroom “studio,” where we can create something fun together through learning Japanese and Japanese cultures. Your classmates and the teacher are on your team! We will have lots of group / pair activities to help you feel more at ease and actually have fun in class! To enjoy this class more, you need to immerse yourself like being in Japan! When you walk into this class, you will be entering a world where only Japanese is spoken by everyone, including you!

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Logo designed by Gloria Tam
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a panoramic view from studio (room) 310

Sample Syllabus


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